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I seem to be living in perpetual winter. I had a 5 week break in sunny South Africa and still feel like it's been winter forever. Because it snowed today. Today is 25 March. I want to cry ... and hack up all my winter clothes. But that would be bad and wasteful. But just in case I can't help myself, here are lots of cool things I could do with those hacked up sweaters:

Vases and storage oh my! Love this idea... 

1. Light and airy
2. Bold and colorful
3. Cozy and home-y

Some cozy lighting? Won't necessarily work in the spring, but right now it looks very appealing!

1. Grey minimalist
2. Sweet sunroom
3. Handmade with buttons

Now this idea does take your crappy old sweater right into spring! 

1. Button fun
2. Pretty flowerpots
3. Growing veges

I've always liked the pillow idea and there's an endless supply of tutorials out there. 

1. Boho lace
2. Cheap and cheerful
3. Button-up blues
4. Beige floral

Fresh (for me) takes on the sweater bag / purse / tote ... really love the navy that also uses up an old belt.

1. Orange happiness
2. Navy and leather
3. Fun brown sling

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  1. Those are lovely projects. I'm in love with the bags, although I do think I've got quite a few. Won't the flowerpots leak? Going to pop over there and find out!


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