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Here's the third and final installment in the series of Finch's Threadless tutorials... a statement geometric necklace. I really love this piece - lots of work but worth it, I think!

For all the basics of working with aluminum cans please see this tutorial. However, DO NOT apply dimensional magic until you've made all the holes in the beads. Read on...


2) Lots of jump hoops (at least 40)
3) Simple chain - either buy it, or repurpose chain from old jewelry


The trickiest thing about making this necklace is the placement of the holes. There are a lot of them and I didn't have a plan before I started connecting the circles. You get the benefit of hindsight - pictured above, is your plan. 

1) Use the diagram above or download a version here
2) Lay the circles out in as you want them then start making holes
3) Work methodically and keep checking the placement of holes by returning the bead to its original spot and comparing it to its neighbor
4) Be sure to get this done before you apply dimensional magic! You may be able to see some of the bubbling in my photos. I planned to make a different necklace... when I changed my mind, I had to pierce the coating of DM and now there are air bubbles everywhere
5) Once all the holes are made, apply the DM and wait

6) Join the circles starting from the center (the circle with a hole on every side of it)
7) Attached the chain and you're done

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