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I love folded book ornaments and wanted to come up with one of my own ... some slight variation that is a little different. It took some experimenting but I'm happy with the result! So here it is - enjoy! (More folded book ideas and tutorials here)

I found this little hardback at a thrift store for 50c. I thought the colors would be really interesting for a fold project (and I have no problem destroying a snide piece of nonsense called "Even God is single so leave me alone!"). As always, carefully cut the book away from the spine. If you accidentally cut the binding, rub a little glue across it and let it dry before you fold.

Two folds in the same direction ... up and up again. 

Fold the piece back in, flush with the book edge. 

On the next page, fold in the opposite direction. 

Once again, fold the edge piece into the book. Keep going like this, alternating the direction of the fold all the way. 

When you're done, go back and flip the points back out. 

And that's it. Knot a piece of yarn or twine and slip it into the spine. The folding holds everything pretty tight, including the twine. Scroll down for a PIN-able collage.

Pin-able collage below:

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