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Remember the eyelidcanvas feature and giveaway? Well, the amazing Kim just did a little repurposing for me and it's glorious. Right???? I bought the little copper leaf earrings at the One of Kind show a few years ago and have hardly warn them. Why? Because they looked odd on me. So they've sat around taunting me. I never stopped thinking they were beautiful. But I was also not wearing them and that felt like a huge waste. I'm betting that many of you know exactly what this feels like!

So I showed them to Kim and asked her if she could turn them into something I WOULD actually wear. And she did. And I'm still trying to process how beautiful it is! Like something steampunk tinker fairies might make :)

Kim is a makeover master. Pictured above is the necklace she created for her friend Gina, using a ring Gina had inherited. Like me, Gina had reasons to love the ring but wasn't wearing it because it wasn't really her style. So Kim created a necklace that not only repurposes the ring, but also keeps it completely in tact. Just in case Gina changes her mind one day! 

I wore my new necklace all day today and was stopped by strangers on the street. Thank you Kim - it's a treasure.

Have any of you had jewelry refabbed in some way?

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