Fab: Fabrice Monteiro's garbage garments

Informed by the critical environmental problems that plague so much of the African continent, photographer Fabrice Monteiro, costume designer Doulsy (Jah Gal) and Ecofund collaborated on a harrowing series of photographs to visually represent the rampant ecological issues.

"The Prophecy", shot at ten locations in Senegal, features intricately costumed figures interacting with the surrounding pollution. Their meticulously built costumes are partially made from garbage and debris found at each the site.

Read this great interview with Monteiro.


Upcycle: 40 ways to reuse recyclables

When you study the details of this fun infographic, you'll probably recognize many of the projects. You've probably pinned a bunch of them over the years. But isn't it a fun summary?! Recyclables like glass, plastic and steel are also incredibly durable. Can you extend their use before relegating them to the recycling?

Suggestion: print this out (on recycled paper) and stick it on or near your recycling bin. I bet it'll inspire you :) 


Upcycle: Old plates, new perspectives

My mom started collecting decorative plates when I was 12. Her collection adorns the top of the cabinets in her kitchen. And when I say collection, I mean 40+ plates. I have always been, at best, blind to them. At worst... well, not very nice about her dust collectors. But. I already know that when the time comes to choose what of hers to keep, I will choose a selection of her damned plates. So, in the spirit of imagining (and re-imagining) their future, this is a collection of ideas I really like.