Repurpose: Arty wooden hangers

One of the most popular posts on this blog is a round up of ideas for repurposing wood hangers. Vintage and otherwise. One of my favorites has always been the use of vintage skirt hangers to hang art. And I finally got around to trying it in my new apartment.


Upcycle: A book-bud vase?

This weekend I made myself tackle the dull things I've been avoiding since I moved. Like hemming curtains. And moving stuff to the basement storage. My reward? Making this ... thing. 

I'm not quite sure what to call it. A book vase? (I already made something I called that) Organic art? Maybe a book bud vase? I'm really not sure, so I'm calling it a mixed-media upcycle. And, whatever the name, I love, love, love how it turned out! And it was easy to make so read on for instructions!


Repurpose: Vintage sheet shower curtain

I have the time and energy to execute about a quarter of the projects swirling in my head (or on my Pinboards for that matter). And because I'm pressed for time, I usually sit on ideas until I think I've landed on the fastest route to execution. This often backfires (of course!). But not this time. This time, once I'd gathered what I needed, the actual making and hanging took an hour. 

Also, I should admit that this project really started with the discovery of the sheet. I was trawling eBay and Etsy for fabric to recover chairs (a project that is taking FOREVER). Along the way, I encountered the most amazing vintage sheets. Bed sheets should not be amazing. But these are. Because the designs are unusual. And, once you're holding them, the quality is striking. I bought one that will soon be a new bedcover for my daughter. The other is now my shower curtain! Here's the how to:  

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