Upcycle: Craft beer chandelier

To say that this project has been years in the making is no exaggeration. I enjoy local craft beer. In particular, Revolution Brewing's Anti-Hero IPA. And it's mostly their packaging you're seeing piled up. Craft brewers, across the board, package their cans in a very specific way. The plastic is 96% PCR (post-consumer) and completely recyclable - go them! But I kept all this packaging because it just looked... useful? And as the plastic sheets started to stack up, they looked more and more like building blocks. But for what? 


Reloved: August issue now in the US!

I hear from a reliable source that the August issue of Reloved is finally on shelves in the US! Pick it up at Barnes & Noble (not sure if it's stocked anywhere else). 

And if you want the tutorials for all the projects mentioned/featured in "The "ReFab House", click here


Reshape: Alteration Altercation

Coming to you live, from the department of cocky refashionistas and people who own sewing machines but have no real training in how to use them well: an apparently basic alteration that failed. 

Winner! eyelidcanvas pendant

Time to send this eyelidcanvas pendant to a new home! As always, I used a randomizer to pick the winner and it landed on entry #178 - that's Lanae C! 

Lanae, congrats! Expect an email from me later today to get your shipping details. Thanks to everyone who entered for your interest and thanks to eyelidcanvas (Kim!) for the great giveaway!

Keep up with eyelidcanvas on Facebook and Instagram
Kim's work is available directly through her website and at:
Tarnish, Chicago
Coming Soon: Strangelovely in Chicago


Upcycle: Emma Whyte's upcycled cottage

I'm often very inspired by online home tours, but until I saw Emma Whyte's upcycled cottage (Isle of Skye), I never wanted to just copy something wholesale. Or just move in!

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