Winner! Refashion giveaway

Time to send these books to a new home! As always, I used a randomizer to pick the winner and it chose entry #17 - that's Laura D.

Laura, congrats! Expect an email from me to get your shipping details.

A big thank you to everyone who entered for your interest - if you can find these books gently used, they're worth grabbing - so many good ideas for upcycling and refashioning.


Trimming my waste: Week 31 (refashion giveaway!)

Goals - Week 31:

  • Give away what I don't need
  • Say thanks for all the support I've been given
  • Encourage all of you to upcycle and relove! 

I'm 31 weeks into my challenge! I'm celebrating this milestone by giving away lovely books I don't need. Because I now have multiple copies of them.


Trimming my waste: Week 30 (zero-waste jam)

Goals - Week 30: 

1. Make the most of things that come free
2. Make jam/preserves for the first time
3. Make sure that an abundance of fruit (free of pesticide and packaging) isn't wasted

I've never picked raspberries (I grew up in South Africa - I picked avocados, pecan nuts, papaya, passion fruit, lychees etc... but not raspberries). And I've never made jam or canned anything. So what prompted this series of firsts? Free fruit growing wild in Chicago. A huge, overflowing hedge of wild (ish) raspberries. In its prime right as my friend Johnny became a tenant of the property. Giving him some right to pick the berries. So we picked them. How could we not?


Trimming my waste: Week 29 (zero-waste office)

Goals - Week 29: 
  1. Walk the walk at work and at home
  2. Share good ideas for reducing office waste
  3. Appreciate working with people who share my values.
When I'm not on this blog, I have a full-time job at a creative agency in Chicago. I'm very lucky to work with (and for) people who either share my concerns around waste or are willing to adapt to accommodate them. It's one thing for one person to try to go zero-waste. It's a much better thing to change the habits of 37 people.

In the lead up to a recent office remodel, our company "Green Team" was asked to make recommendations for how we could reduce our office waste and overall energy consumption. We took a hard look at our behavior patterns and also held a "Rad Collab", where we asked most of the office to brainstorm actions we could take to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We then presented leadership with a very long wishlist.

Most of our solutions are tied very closely to an awareness of our behaviors. They may not all apply to every office (beer isn't popular everywhere!) but I'm guessing many of them will apply.