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Upcycle: Woodgrain contact paper re-do's ...

Faux bois / woodgrain is everywhere ... adding a little mid-century flair? A little "natural mod" texture? It's cheap, trendy, versatile and easy to use!  So it's a GREAT upcycling material. Here's a round-up of projects I think are graintastic!

 DIY Woodgrain candles, from The Divine Minimalist

The Fine and Feathered laptop re-do created for Instructables

Wonderful plastic cooler makeover by Almost Makes Perfect

Giving a little depth to a glass jar or vase ... from a Spoonful of Sugar

Ugly wardrobe makeover from I could make that

Great tutorial for copying an image with a projector ... and for the tables of course. Head to Crafty Nest

A little hoop art care of Fresh and Fun

Re-done magnetic office organization via Curbly

Creating an amazing wall feature ... care of Blue Eyed Freckle

And finally, used to turn cardboard tubing into eye-catching, functional storage