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I made a little spring mobile for myself.  This would be a fun craft to do with kids - very easy! The complete instructions (including printable template) are via Joann Fabrics. Their craft is all about promoting an embossing machine.  Without that, it becomes cheap and easy:  you need paper/ cardstock, mini brats, a hole punch and string or ribbon.  Now that I've actually made them, I will add a couple of tips.

1. When you cut out the bird bodies, note that you need mirror images so flip the template.
2. You want the birds to balance when you hang them, so you have to think about where to punch hole.  I tied string to a paper clip and moved it around on the bird's back ... easy way to figure out the balance point.

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  1. Lovely! And seeing I have one of them embossing machines I might have to try a couple of those too :) Thanks Candice.

  2. Very pretty. Will try with my daughter.


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