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If you're a tiny, imagined being like Arrietty (or any other "Borrower" or "Little"), you trade in thimbles. Really - where would you be without them??  I stumbled upon this pic on Flickr recently and was entranced.  So I went hunting for Thimbalina re-do's for you.     

1. Saw this on Pinterest and thought "hey, I could make that!".  So I went looking for tutorials.  Didn't find any, but as far as I can tell it involves drilling a small hole in the top of the thimble and stringing it on a chain. No instructions necessary.
2. Found two tutorials for this little pin-cushion, flower pot pendant.  The Wind and the Sail and Inner Child Crochet.
3. A variation on the theme ... buttons instead of pins.  Need some inspiration/guidance re. wiring button flowers?  Head over to Blue Velvet Chair.

4. In true "Borrower" style, thimbles make great fairy planters or ...
5. A fairy tea set! You need a thimble, a button and findings (love the clip-on earring)
6. Finally, go see Magpie Ethel's fairyscapes ... this one happens to involve thimbles

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