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If I could take you on a tour of my home, I'd proudly point out every thrifted, upcycled, alley-scoured and hand-me-down item.  I like stories ... so I enjoy being surrounded by things that have some history and tell a story.  BUT, I'm not about to try a blog-style home tour - I don't have the photographer chops for that.  And, a toddler has invaded my home, so there are far too many messy toddler piles everywhere.  However, I would like to share shoes, jewelry, corners and favorites ... things I love that might inspire you... and that I can actually photograph.  So, in tried-and-true blogger tradition, I'm creating a weekly feature. Thrifty Thursday posts will be dedicated to the various thrifted corners of my home and my closet.

We're starting in the living room!  I'm no "designer".  But I know what I like.  And I believe it's possible to create wonderful spaces inspired by things that don't cost much (anything!).  Like actual living, breathing plants.  Or ... a lime-green velvet chair. When we bought the chair, it didn't "go" with any other thing in our home.  But we are not thoughtful thrifters - we're unabashedly impulsive. So we bought the possibly-ugly-possibly-gorgeous chair anyway.  We plunked it in a corner, called it "the frog prince" and slowly decorated around it.  I guess you could call it a "signature" item and it didn't take long to become decidedly gorgeous in my mind. It's now in its second home and has once again helped us create a reading corner that I love to look at, and sit in.

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