DIY: Cover that iPad! | the ReFab Diaries
So you splurged.  And now you need a cover for the thing.  You could buy a smart cover.  Or sew yourself something, should you know your way around a sewing machine.  Or ... you can be *really* cheap about it.

One bubble mailer, scrap fabric and buttons.  From Creme de la Craft.  

Tutorials for old book covers abound.  I still like this one best.  Check out the video tutorial from carrypad for a little extra assistance.

A placemat, two buttons, a hair elastic and thread.  From Glitter and Glue.

Composition book + iPad's plastic packaging.  $2.99.  From Lil Blue Boo.     

Felt and Duct Tape ... from Craft Bits

Fleece ... a little sewing but worth it for the cute factor. From Smashed Peas and Carrots.    

Were you perhaps not so smart with your smart cover?  Spill any coffee lately?  How about committing to the coffee color and staining the whole thing?  How-to here.

Or, give it a face lift / cover the stains with Washi tape.

If you sew, great round-up at Shelterness with a lot of links to great tutorials.
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