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So... I've been a little lazy about my home tour. But this week I actually got around to taking pictures while the light was good.  So here's a bedroom project!  I'm not really a headboard person - I think the wall works pretty well.  But I do like the idea of making the wall above the bed a feature of some sort.  Especially if it's the wall you see from the room entrance.  We have very little color in this room - the walls are a green we love. Pretty much everything else in the space is wood (furniture) or natural fibers in neutral tones.  So I had no idea what I wanted above the bed. Consequently, the space was empty for a while.  Then one day we happened upon these place mats at CB2... yup - they're place mats.  They were on clearance, of course.  Since they don't really lie flat, they were never going to make very good place mats.  But I loved the wood.  

We stood in the store and did the "can-we-can't-we" thing ... and decided we could. We bought four mats and stopped at the hardware store for a piece of wood trim. The mats are attached to the piece of trim with twine. That's it. The hard part was getting the whole unwieldy thing screwed into the wall. While keeping it level, of course. There was a lot of cursing. But thanks to my very handy significant other, we got it installed.

The candle holders ... ummm... clearance at a garden store, or perhaps Pier 1? Anyway, total cost... about $30. Not including the six-pack needed to soothe things post installation. Nothing else in the room is "rustic" in any way. So this rather rustic bed-head doodad works. I promise there'd be pics of the rest of the room if it wasn't a hot mess. Trust me. You don't want to see it right now.

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  1. I think this is an awesome idea...I have two bamboo blinds that I can no longer use...might see if I can do something similar with them. Thank you!

    1. Would love to see the result... share it please!


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