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So... you had a baby.  And you have all sorts of good intentions about making your own baby food etc.  And maybe you actually do it (it's doable).  But you will still buy some of these jars. And even a few of them pile up. But now that I've compiled this post I have these words of wisdom for you: KEEP THEM!  I had no idea just how many things could be done with the little beasts. I mean the jars, not the babies. Not that you shouldn't keep your babies.  I just mean that in no way do I advocate/promote/ condone the upcycling of babies. Just jars. Jeepers.

First, the magnetic spice jars pictured above. A great idea on its own. Even better when you get to use little jars you already have so the project costs very little.

Make your own Anthro-inspired chalkboard spice-jars.  I do love Anthro-morphs and this one's brilliant. Go Holly Would Blvd!  (Image via Knock Off Decor)

The simplest outdoor lighting idea... cheap, cheerful, perfect  

Oh Happy Day ... is there anything you can't do?  These little paint-dipped vases have been floating around the blogosphere for a while.  But they had to be included in this post for their class.

A minimalist take on the baby-food-jar vase care of Sea Kettle.  You have to visit her post to see all the other beautiful images.

Jars as photo frames... interesting display idea.  I'm still not sure I'm in love with it but I kept coming back to look at the post.

Super-simple sunny party favor...  

Fuse Interiors has a complete candle-making tutorial involving the little jars.  And some kids wrapping twine around them...

If you don't want to make candles but like the idea of food-jar tealight holders... how pretty are these???  Care of Tinkerlab

Another take on the spice jar... this one involves glass etching.

Hello craft-room / garage storage!  Great idea via Craftiness is not Optional

There are lots of baby-food-jar pincushion ideas out there.  I picked this one from Craft Pudding because it's photographed beautifully... and because I love the blog name!

Now this is an outdoor chandelier.  More work than simple tea-light holders but damn... the final product is lovely lovely.

Upcycle Your Life took the current (bizarre) plastic animal trend and applied it to baby-food jars.  I approve. And I kinda like the plastic animal trend.

A memory/matching game! This was my favorite kind of game when I was a kid. My uncle and I played using ordinary playing cards and called it Porridge. Head to Home Made by Jill for the version pictured above (includes free printable template inserts). For another slightly "cuter" version (also with a printable template) head to OopseyDaisy...

If you use the lids to make a game, you should do something with the bottles.  Monkey See Monkey Do shows you how to make a colorful crayon organizer.

Food jar terrariums?  Yes... and a nice project for kids if you have them ... you know... running around your house for the summer.
Very sweet window display idea... could also be used to create a little apartment kitchen herb garden, or to hang air plants

Ok ... so it's June.  But I really like these two Christmassy ideas... and you really should start collecting jars etc now if you're actually going to create holiday goodies with them. Am I right?  Tutorial for the glittery candle holders here.

Head to Lansdowne Life for all the details on this great roundup  
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  1. I love the idea of the anthropologie inspired spice jars.

  2. Wow! So many really neat ideas. I am going to get my daughter to start saving me her baby food jars. I love the anthropology inspired spice jars, the magnetic spice jars, mini vase , and candle holders. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas.


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