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I have a lot of creative, crafty friends - lucky me!  However, too many of them are blog-unfriendly. Or perhaps blog-inconsiderate is a better descriptor.  By this I mean, they are not organized enough to take good before, during and after shots of their projects. And then post their pics to Facebook where I can oggle them and say "hey - I want to share that!".  Perhaps it's time for some new, more me-oriented friends. Except Lynzie - she gets to stay. Because she's an energetic, committed teacher who, just this week, is on her way to a new life and a new middle school in Holmes County Mississippi (and I'm SO proud of her for 7 different reasons)... oh, and she also took pics of this awesome dresser makeover that I get to share with you today!

This was not just a make-over.  This was a salvage!  Just look at that wood ... this was a well-used (abused?) old dresser.  Here are Lynzie's "12 steps to a dresser rehab":

1. Salvage dresser from grandparents' shed.
2. Carefully remove spider egg sacs from inside.
3. Sand. A lot.

4. Prime.
5. Paint body pink using latex-based paint and a small, foam roller.

6. Paint drawers green. Same method as above.

7. Stencil damask pattern over middle using latex paint, long diamond-shaped damask stencil, and foam stencil dauber.
8. Remove stencil carefully when paint is still wet (latex will peel off with the stencil if it dries)
9. Allow to dry.
10. Place points of pattern in spaces above middle stencil. Paint. Do the same on the bottom. Repeat process for all drawers.

11. Add cute knobs.
12. Fill with underpants, socks and old T-shirts. 

And then move it from PA to MS!  Thanks for sharing Lynzie. TFA is lucky to have you. Those kids deserve to be changed by you as well as the books they'll journey through thanks to you.  :) 

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  1. I OH so love this dresser project! The colors show a creative mind, to say the least!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I now have a walk through for my weekend project, thank you!

    1. You're welcome ... so glad it's finally being seen. She did a great job :)


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