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Repurpose: Plastic skewer challenge!

We received a delicious edible arrangement this week ... and now I'm sitting with a pile of plastic skewers! What should I do with them? Yes, I could keep them for future "fruit skewering" ... but I'd love some ideas from you folks...  comments please!!! 
6 comments on "Repurpose: Plastic skewer challenge!"
  1. Cora suggested making a whale picture with them and then painting them blue. I see this as the skewers being poked into something (a board? some kind of foam?) where they are not all poked in at the same height in order to give the design texture/depth. You know those nail/pin boxes where you can press something against the pins in order to make a picture. Cora then said you should make extras to sell (I'm training her up on selling her craft goods already!).

  2. How big are they? Ro could be a peacock or hedgehog for Halloween!

  3. How about a sunburst mirror or clock, with the skewers cut different lengths?

    1. That's the first thing I thought of too Claudia ... perhaps use an old CD/DVD as the clock face?