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My dad collected stamps as a kid and I loved paging through his carefully arranged (and stored) stamp albums. But now that I think about it, why were all those beautiful stamps hidden away in heavy volumes? I know that my dad's answer would be "because they're valuable!" I wonder ... is that still true?  I mean, I'm sure there are some rare, valuable old stamps out there. But for the most part, wouldn't it be better to just show them off? (Dad - I hope you still have those stamps!) Here are 16 beautiful ways to bring to refab them and show them off! 

I saw this great project a long time ago and it's stuck with me - perfectly whimsical. I know that I immediately thought of The Borrowers - Arrietty would love that bed! :)  Complete tutorial at Just Something I Made

Make sweet buttons care of IzzWizz 

Cover a jewelry box! Head to CraftJuice for inspiration 

Photo frame goes postal ... 

If you're not into "eggs", cover balls or blocks. Care of Blue Purple and Scarlett 

Postage stamp monogram ... instructions here

Or just collage them and be done!  Thanks Sweet Paul

Spotted these on Flickr. Not a tutorial but SeeKateSew's Dictionary Shoos post is a good how to.

Labeled "extreme repurposing", this is FUN! Thanks to The Improvised Life (Images via Reuben Miller)

Make your own beautiful postage stamp earrings. Complete tutorial care of Foxglove Accessories  

You'd need patience for this one... but it's beautiful.  Refab an old bowl!

This idea takes the cake ... (!) 

I love the combination of dictionary pages and postage stamps ... 

This is an Ikea lamp hack, using "nudie" stamps!  Very risque ...   

Or just give an old base a new look ... 

Finally, because it's hard for me to resist guitar-related upcycles... Check out this sweet project from Burlap and Denim.

PS:  if you love vintage stamps ... enter to win the beautiful Foxglove Accessories pendant

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  1. What creative ideas! But where can you get lots of old canceled stamps?

    1. Great question Claudia. Google "buy old stamps" ... or check out eBay - lots of batches for sale there:

  2. Love your cool ideas- many thanks I send to you!!! Bonnie


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