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Ok ... I had to try! If the FlipFlop Recycling Company can create art from destroyed flip flops, surely there are some refabulous projects out there that us mere mortals can try?? Well, there are. But they're really hard to find (outside of turning brand new flip flops into slightly nicer sandals - just search Pinterest for those). Here's what I could find:

I thought a DIY stamp was a no-brainer really. After all, we're talking about rubber sandals! Finally found the idea pictured above at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

A couple of coffee mugs and your old flip flops for some back deck decor? Sure. From Dollar Store Crafts.

Again, an obvious and really simple repurpose ... for those sandals that are completely trashed. They once protected your feet. Now use them to protect your floors, or stabilize a wobbly table. From Trash Backwards.

Finally, how about warming them up for another season? Maybe they're still usable... just not nice enough to wear again next summer? And maybe you're handy with yarn or a sewing machine?

1. Frilly ballet-slipper idea
2. Crocheted flats
3. Towel "spa" slippers

Know any good projects I should include here? Please send them to me!!  (
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