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Hey - look around! I've been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks working on a big, much-needed site refab. What do you think? I'm really happy with how it looks, but the big goal was to have it be a friendlier place to visit. Hopefully things are easier to find and posts load faster.

Whenever I've had a big break from posting, I re-set with a round of upcycles. Today, it's coffee and teapots. Cafetieres, french presses, teapot lids, espresso pots... you name it. What do you with them some part breaks? Do any of you actually still use a teapot? My grandmother did, because she never made tea for only one person. I never make tea for MORE than one person, so I pop the bag in the mug. And I make coffee-for-one with an Aeropress. So how can we have fun with pots no longer needed for brewing?   

[Interested in how my eating is going? Scroll to the end]

Sadie Seasongoods' teapot pincushion is one of my favorite projects. If you have a cat or small children, this is really smart way to keep pins and needles out of the way!

There are lots of teapot birdhouses and feeders out there. This one upcycles an old drawer and a teapot, so it's my favorite.

Second favorite because it uses the pot, the lid and a cup and saucer. DIY here.

If I ever inherited a large collection of teapots, I'd love to turn them into a display like this. (I haven't been able to find a source for this image)

What if you just have a bunch of mismatched lids? I love the way the lids are embedded in this clay organizer. DIY here.

No source for this one, but I had to share because it's pretty perfect. 

And one last use for old lids: to display photos. (via)

Kany Kreations took a generic old chandelier and turned it into something Alice in Wonderland would love!  DIY here.

Another version of the teapot planter. (via

Petty specialist upcycling here! It's a coffee shop in a teapot. To see more, go here.

Love this teapot pendant light (via

How about a French Press terrarium

This espresso pot vase is a sweet, surprising reuse - DIY here

Another planter ... this time, a succulent in an old coffee pot succulent - instructions here.

My parents had a percolator a lot like this. It makes a really pretty lamp. More here.

And finally, I had to share this amazing espresso desk lamp. The rest of the upcycled lights on this site are amazing, so go take a look!

Update on my eating: Four weeks ago I turned my diet on its head. Read about here. How's it going? Well, I seem to have lost 5lbs - so it works for weightloss if that's your goal. I'm sleeping well but needing about an hour less than I used to - score! And I have more energy than I've had in ages. But. As I type this, I'm dealing with the headache I generally live with for two days before my period starts. It's not the blinding migraine I've come to expect (yay!), but it's still a thing. It might mean I have cut back even more on caffeine, which I won't enjoy :(

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