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There's a story out there about spinning straw into gold. This stuff is not quite gold ... but each item is a whole lot more interesting than the thing it's made of! Read on for lots of fun projects and inspiration...

My trip down the yellow-straw road began with these beauties ... not DIYs but really inspiring!

Great Ikea hack / DIY from the Earth 911 Challenge

Addicted to decorating shows you how to make this insane pendant light! 

Whoa ... big gulp. Bendy straws. This one will take patience!  

Great starburst effect achieved by using an old sieve! Nice how-to at Think Crafts 

The famous Design Sponge "Aunt Peaches" chandelier... which I had to include! 

Weave a little heart from straw! Detailed instruction at The Cheese Thief. If you're interested in using a similar technique to make a bracelet, check out the tutorial at Cut Out and Keep.

A little more weaving ... to make cute coasters.

I know a few personalities who would literally go insane trying to measure and cut for a project like this. If you think you can stay calm, get the instructions at Tutus and Tea Parties.

Eye-popping table decor made entirely of straws! Another DS* project. 

Simple, sweet wreath. Red and white stripes for the holidays? DIY at Ruffled 

Straws, cups and plates oh my! Not a DIY but it really really could be! More images here

Love these ... spotted here (no DIY) 

Love this too!  And thanks to Curbly, there's an actual tutorial

And another, care of Sugar and Cloth (complete DIY)

Great mobile made of colorful odds and ends ... bits and bobs. And straws! Care of My Plum Pudding.

Lots of sweet straw jewelry featured here. LOVE this abacus! 

Real statement piece ... and a great tutorial for you!

It shouldn't be as cute as it is ... but it is. Get the bendy-straw necklace how-to at The Crafty Sisters

If you know PS I Made This ... then you recognize this.

Pretty earring tutorial at Ohoh blog

Here's my orange spin on the drinking straw earring ... full tutorial here

Mark Montano recently used straws to make this bracelet. Not sure I'm sold on the final product, but I really like the idea!

And finally, some sweet inspiration for you. Please visit this great Environment Team post to look at lots of other things made my a very patient, creative Taiwanese artist.

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