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Book decor seems to be the theme of the week. Because I happily stumbled upon awesome things this week and I love it when that happens. If you've ever visited this blog to look for book-folding tutorials/patterns, then you've seen the work of Heather Eddy, otherwise known as Rhymes with Magic. A few months ago, she literally pinned her passion to her walls ... covering areas of her home in book covers. Go take a look! 
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  1. One thing people should know now that I've had these book covers up for a while - it *can* make a difference in the light of your room depending on which way the sun shines on them. It's perfect for my bedroom because the light shines on the opposite wall, but my entryway is darkened because the sun shines on the wall where the books are. Otherwise, it's the best decor out there! THANKS for putting me on here again! ♥


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