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Repurpose: Toms into sandals!

Ok. Embarrassing admission time. I'm the person who had to google "why are Toms so *%&^# popular all of a sudden?" Because, I was .... well ... confused. And not a fan of odd shoe fads that come out of nowhere (Crocs anyone?). But I discovered their philanthropic side - very cool. And now their organization is moving on to eye glasses. That's great. I'm a fan of the idea. And I think the Toms folk would approve of you finding a way to keep your old ones going, because shoes are precious in some parts of the world. Thanks to Midwestern Thread for the DIY on turning them into sandals! 
2 comments on "Repurpose: Toms into sandals!"
  1. Thanks for enlightening me about Toms - I had never heard of them either! And I'm with you on the crocs - I will never ever wear them on my feet no matter how many times people tell me that they are comfortable. My slippers are comfortable, too, and I don't wear those in public.