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"If you have kids, some time to kill, and an empty toilet paper roll, this book is definitely for you. (Actually, the kids are optional - although I think they'll be a bit jealous if Dad has all the fun!) ... If there's one thing I could put in big, bold, flashing neon letters, it's that the fun is in the making and not in creating perfect-looking projects." - Scott Bedford, Made by Dad

So opens the wonderful new craft/DIY book from the creator of What I Made. The collection of 67 "blueprints" includes ideas for "Dangerous Decor", "Covert Creations" and, most importantly, "Playful Parenting". In general, I think we should all be making more for and with our children. It's easy to make excuses ... really easy. But two pages into this book, you'll be looking around for an empty toilet paper roll and telling your kid to go find the glue! 

Read on for an exclusive Q&A with Scott and 
enter to win a copy of "Made by Dad"!

Q: One of the things that drew me to the projects on your blog is how creatively you repurpose things (I'm thinking of the fork-turned-egg-cup). Do you have an idea and then find the material? Or do you look at material and think "I could use that to make X!"

A: Yes, I love the challenge of transforming an object or material into something else unrelated, but my motivation is not primarily the eco-benefits - it's just lots of fun, especially when the result is as playful as the "Bent fork egg cup"! In the case of the fork I was looking for an unusual way to repurpose it, but more often I have something in mind I want to make, and just use everyday objects and materials as the raw material.

Q: Sources of inspiration in general? If I had to answer the question, I'd say your sense of humor!

A: Yes, I like my creative projects to make me smile, it's probably integral to the way I work. Other than that, I browse the internet every now and then, but I never start a project by checking out what other people are doing first. I find that can be more off-putting than inspiring - you could easily talk yourself out of doing something when you realise 20 other people have had similar ideas!

Q: Best out-take ... something you tried to make but just couldn't pull off?

A: I was once convinced I could turn a coat-hanger into a toy glider - I couldn't,  it crashed and burned, it's probably the only project that I had to completely throw out.

Q: I couldn't make anything without my ... 

A: Exacto knife and hot glue! I also love my 'compound action' tin-snips - great for cutting tin cans, thick plastic, in fact anything that scissors can't get through.

Q: Did you "make" a lot before anyone called you Dad?  If so, what?

A: As a kid I was always making things in my Dad's workshop - favourites included a wind powered generator, a James Bond style motorised safe and a bubble machine repurposed from junk! Later, when I first lived by myself, I made a lot of my own furniture and interior decor - a wheel barrow re-purposed into TV stand and a coffee table made from a large torn-apart metal paint stand out. Then, as my job got in the way, I went through a long drought - it was only when I had kids I started making things again!

Q: Guilty crafting pleasure? 

A: I'm obsessed with making things from Starbucks paper cups and the wooden stir sticks!

Q: Do your kids love everything you do or do you get eye-rolls at times? 

A: Luckily, I haven't had the eye-roll yet! I only make things that I think are cool, so I'm hoping my kids will never grow out of the things I make - I'm more likely to get the eye-roll for one of my bad jokes!

Q: Do you think making stuff for/with your children (versus buying it) has added something to your relationship with them or the way they see you?

A: Yes, absolutely! There are so many benefits to making things with your kids -  they learn practical skills, they get one-on-one time with Daddy, they get to exercise their imagination, they have lots of fun. It's definitely one of the things that defines my relationship with my kids, that's why I'm so keen for other Dad's to enjoy the benefits too - there's no reason why the 'crafty' stuff should be left to Mom!

Q: Any advice for other crafty bloggers out there who dream about turning the blog into a book?

A: That's a difficult question. For me it was important to understand what it was about my blog that made it a bit different - and to do that, I needed the advice from other craft bloggers. Once I understood better what defined my blogging, I just put all my energy into doing more of the same. Of course, you also need a bit of luck, I got mine when I entered the Webby Awards and won, it got me noticed by Workman (my very nice publisher)! 

Thanks to Scott for taking the time to answer my questions! Now, here's how to get your hands on a copy of his book!

Giveaway opens 12:01am EST Weds, 5/15 and ends Sun, 5/19 at midnight. WINNER announced Tues 5/21. It's easy to score multiple entries and increase your chances of winning - see below for details... (Open to US residents, 18 and older.)   NOTE: if you can't see the Rafflecopter widget below, please switch to Firefox or Chrome and try again. I'm trying to get this issue fixed.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book by Workman Publishing for review. My views are my own.

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