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A while ago I compiled a post dedicated to repurposing vinyl and, ever since, I wanted to find some '45s in great colors to play with myself. And here they are! Since I'm drowning in clock-making hardware (all those book-clocks I once made to sell!) I turned them into clocks. Here's the tutorial ... giveaway to come! 

Tutorial - vinyl clock

I found the fun vinyl on ebay for $5. You can get a complete mini quartz movement (including hands) from any hobby or hardware store - even better, pull one out of an old, thrifted clock. All my hardware is from ClockParts because you can pick the hands you want, in the sizes you want - and they have some really fun options!

No matter where you shop, check the length shaft - by a mechanism with the shortest possible shaft for a project like this (1/4"). If you can find one without the thread (the coiled metal around the white plastic) grab it! The thread makes these standard mechanisms just a little too big for an LP. But I worked with it...

I used an ordinary pen to widen the hole. I still ended up causing a little damage when I pushed the mechanism through, but that was easily remedied.

Before pushing the mechanism through, pop on the hanger. This is one of the simplest things to forget!

The top image shows the slight damage caused by pushing through the mechanism. The bottom image shows what it looks like after the nut has been tightened. Everything is flattened back out again. The slight tearing of the label is hardly visible.

And there it is! One of my favorite ways to play with clock hands is to flip one of them over for contrast. They're also really easy to paint so black and white are not your only options!

Here's a close up of the orange clock so you can see how the hands stack. 

And there it is! The Polar Goldie Cats is now hanging in Ms R's room. The purple Tizzy ... I'll be giving it away soon so keep an eye out!

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