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I just spent 9 days in England. Mostly London... a little Cambridge. When I lived in London in 1998, I lived on Shoreditch high street, right above Mary's Shoes (which is still there).  The area was a dump. Now it's hipster heaven ... and rich with street art. Here are my favorites along with some fun repurposing ideas spotted in London and Cambridgeshire.

Frayed edges, feathers and flight in Shoreditch, London

Art and history - Shoreditch

I finally got to see one of these phone-box libraries for myself! Friends of mine live in the small village of Lolworth, Cambridgeshire. They (the village) paid a little less than $50 for the privilege of owning the box and using it for whatever purpose. They decided on a community book exchange. 

A feathery display - The Florence, Herne Hill, London

Bathtubs refabbed as flower boxes - Sydenham, East London

A little lego tree - Hanbury Street, London

Roa's crane at the junction of Hanbury St and Brick lane

DALeast - Fighting Tigers on Hanbury Street, London

Brick Lane wonders

In and around Brick Lane, London

Chance Street, London


More Shoreditch color...

A final Roa. 

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