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Upcycle: Fab foxy gifts

I don't know why certain creatures become trendy in art and design, but I enjoy watching the waves. Owls, hedgehogs ... foxes!  I like it. If you know someone who'd like a foxy gift this holiday season, make 'em something!  Here are some fab ideas:

1. Wrap yourself in faux fox - use fabric scraps (cut up a thrifted blazer?) and a free pattern from Prudent Baby

2. Whimsical mounted wall art ... make these origami trophies using free printables from Madame Citron 

3. Love the fox bookmarks - printables in a couple of different colors at Lonnies

4. A Fantastic Mr Fox puppet using a toilet roll and bottle caps! Get the full how-to care at QuandoFuoriPiove

5. Foxy pallet art ... great tutorial for you at Lolly Jane

6. And finally, a super-simple, beautiful muslin wrap upcycle idea. If you've never carved your own stamp, this is a great place to start. It's easy. And the impact is lovely. Head to Patchwork Cactus for really good instructions. 

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