Upcycle: Plant-stand to Bookshelf | the ReFab Diaries

Here's the third installment in my furniture-rescue series (click through to see the Gang-tagged dresser and the Blue Mirror).

My neighbor was throwing out this metal plant stand and I grabbed it - I love the lines. Like other recently rescued items, this is a clearly a "cheaply" made thing. Unlike other things, it was also a very quick, fun makeover... something I urgently needed after the work it took to fix that mirror!

I bought this green paint to compliment the orange I was using elsewhere. Then I did a small test on the bookshelf and loved it! So I went with green instead of orange and it's become one of my favorite things. No priming necessary on metal like this ... spray paint has come a long way  :)

I painted the gold sides by hand, with a small brush. Not sure what else I could have done really. I don't usually decorate with metallics, but the gold seemed right. And, full disclosure, I ended up taking ages to get the sides painted because gold paint is a bit magical - the part of me that will never grow up likes bright colors and shiny things.

PS: If you're wondering about the book with the plant apparently growing out of it, check out my Book Vase / Planter tutorial.

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