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As I created the post featuring Ruth's plarn lunch tote (4), I found myself looking for other cool things created using this cheap-to-create material. Because it's the epitome of upcycling really. Plastic grocery bags are nasty things. They've been banned in a whole lot of places around the world. But in most of the US, we have a choice. Bring your own bags, choose paper, or choose plastic. And if you choose the plastic, what do you do with the pile that quickly gathers in your house?

Turning them into something that will actually last is a really good idea. So if you liked the lunch tote, here are some more ideas for you.
1. A DIY jump rope!
2. A great tote bag (and excellent instructions re. making your own plastic yarn)
3. Weave a floor mat care of South Africa's Daily Fix.
4. Make a reusable lunch tote for yourself
5. Not a DIY but these unbelievable undersea creations need to be seen
5. Weave a handle for a messenger bag or make a dog leash!

1. Really simple, really beautiful plastic blooms 
2. No access to bags in interesting colors? Dye them yourself
3. Beach or shower shoes? Click through for a great DIY and other cool ideas for using it
4. Happy owl wristlets from Zween 
5. A plastic bag belt (and ring?)

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