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Sometimes I know exactly what inspires these round ups. For example, I once found myself collecting a lot of bottle caps (beer bottles, specifically) so I went looking for ideas for repurposing them. Then I created a blog post around bottle-cap decorating.

Today's collection - I don't have the same story. I think I saw a few really surprising plastic-cap upcycles and wanted to see more. So here they are!

1. I love these candlesticks! I don't think I've seen a better way to reason to hang on to every plastic lid the passes through your home. DIY here.

2. Simple, surprising and sensible. Plastic cap toothbrush holders by Ohoh Blog.

3. I'm really inspired by everything Rustig. No tutorial for this amazing lampshade. A slightly different but equally fantastic DIY version here.

4. Hand on to the little caps from the milk and juice cartons and bead holiday ornaments

5. The clock pop. These are not new... but still a really classy upcycle.

6. For the trashion junkies, a collection of plastic-cap statement necklaces

7. And finally, the cap bathroom curtain. Because when you string enough of the same color together, it will always look good.

And for the tiny humans ...

1. I love this bottle-cap snake. It seems like a perfect, simple sensory toy for a little one.
another snake

2. If you have a bunch of differently sized lids, these play-dough play-time cakes are irresistable

3. Some fun with eyes ... turn the caps into magnets

4. Another snake. Because this one is fabric covered so it's a different how-to for you

5. And finally, some super-sensory plastic cap dolls

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