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In blog land, you get hit up by companies all the time. For what is essentially free marketing. That's not how they present it to you, of course. But essentially I, the blogger, get nothing. So I, the blogger, generally say no.

When I got an offer from Adam at The Bouqs, it was simple and direct: "we'll send you flowers if you'll commit to reviewing them." Done. No fine print. No BS. And that's how they seem to function across the board.

Before I continue, full disclosure about my thoughts on cut flowers: I rarely buy them. And I ask that I not be given them. Why? Because 70% (or more) are flown into the US from Colombia. Then stored (where many rot). Then delivered. Only to die 5 days later. Don't get me wrong ... I love to look at them. And I lived in Bogota - I'm glad they have the corner on this market, because they need it. But still. That's a lot of wasted energy (flights to Miami and across the US) on something stupidly expensive that dies.

Enter, The Bouqs. Part of a growing trend towards sustainably grown, low-waste cut flowers. Yes, most of the blooms are still coming in from South America (Ecuador; they ship from California too). But they only work with farms certified by agencies like Veriflora, they only cut what's ordered, and they ship directly to you, bypassing storage in a Miami warehouse. All this limits waste.

So when you visit their beautiful website, you'll see that most of your options are bunches of single blooms or limited "mixed" bouquets. This helps limit waste. You also see only what's available - like a seasonal menu at a restaurant. A great option is "Just make it awesome" - their version of "chefs choice". The growers pick and you get the best of what's available.

My personal experience: The website is great (great sorting options!) and you get what you see. I ordered Dawn because, if I'm getting a $40 bunch of anything, it should be orange. Prices are flat - shipping is always free.

The roses arrived in the middle of my work day on the promised date (Tuesday, 11.18) and in the middle of frigid temps (-21C). While the box was icy, the flowers were fine.

I popped them in a vase and snapped a pick. Not sure what else needs to be said ... they're beautiful right?

They arrived on a Tuesday. I pulled off a few petals before I left on Friday but they still looked great. And if they didn't, there's The Bouqs "Happiness Guarantee": if they mess up, they'll fix it. For example, if the flowers don't last more than three days, they'll replace them. Do I recommend them as your source for cut flowers? Absolutely. 

Disclosure: My Bouq was received for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links! If you found this review helpful and you make a purchase through my links, I receive compensation - thanks for helping me pay the bills!

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