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It's only been a week since I moved but what a week! Chicago was hit by a massive blizzard last Sunday - meaning we were pretty much housebound. So the final part of moving my stuff out of the old place has dragged on, finally wrapping up this morning. The snow too has clung on. And on...

So. It feels appropriate to be posting a collection of marble upcycles. Because I've felt like I was losing mine this week. But I think they're regrouping.

Starting at the top...

1. The colors in these marble topped tables - the one at the top is perfectly sweet shop, don't you think? The one at the bottom is little more grown up, with it's earth tones.

2. A little sensory marble massage? Not just for kids I think!

3. This marble toothbrush storage idea is simple and proper old marbles would work just as well and look better I think! I also like the idea for paintbrushes, pens, flowers...

4. And finally, the marble fence idea. Not at all new, but there's a reason bloggers keep talking about it. It's a LOVELY idea! See examples and tutorials here, here and here.

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