Upcycle: Ingenious drawer pulls and handles | the ReFab Diaries

It's a decorating rule-of-thumb: a coat of paint and new drawer handles = a complete makeover. Right? This is true of kitchen cabinets, dressers... doors of any sort. And it seems you can repurpose pretty much anything as a drawer pull. These are my 12 favorites (please click on each one to go to the complete tutorial)

1. Champagne corks

2. Alphabet blocks

3. Sewing machine bobbins

4. Vintage jewelry

5. Paintbrushes

6. Vintage car door handles / window winders

7. Nuts and bolts

9. Doll limbs (and head!)

10. Purse strap (or leather belt)

11. Plastic toys

12.  Vintage rulers or yardsticks

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