Regal ReFab (hollywood regency chairs) | the ReFab Diaries

These chairs were listed on a local Facebook trading post as "faux bamboo" - $35 for the pair. When I picked them up they were bigger and heavier than I expected them to be. Because, as it turns out, they're solid wood with their original sprung cushions in place. I have since read up on this Hollywood Regency style club chair; once very popular and apparently making a comeback in my living room. :)  

They were in great shape when I got them, but I gave them a coat of varnish to deepen the color a little and cover the nicks and scratches.

Finding fabric to recover the cushions was the hardest part. I needed something that would do the chairs justice, but also work in my living room. I finally found this Ikat stripe upholstery fabric on eBay. It felt like the perfect combination of glam and tribal for the room and the chairs! 

Recovering the cushions was easy. I ripped off the last layer, used it as a template and cut the new fabric. 

Two beautiful (and surprisingly comfortable) chairs for $65!

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