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A few days ago I was contacted by Holly from Chairish, inviting me to participate in a style challenge. I'm no designer. But I'm usually game for things like this and I do love Chairish, so I accepted. 

What is this Chairish thing you ask? It's a fabulous, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. A wonderful place for buying and selling unique pre-owned pieces. The theme of the challenge was to create a styleboard around the idea that shabby, or mixed-up chic, never really goes out of style. This was a fun challenge for me for a couple of reasons. First, mixed-up, mismatched, pre-owned, vintage is pretty much the only "style" I do (see my Pinboard). Second, I rarely create boards like this. In part because my decorating tends to happen as I find things. I never plan. 

I was sent a few inspiration pieces, but was allowed to use anything I found. And what really got me going were the wicker-backed, brass-framed Moroccan "fainting couch" and the Midcentury, rattan giraffe plant stand. I find myself drawn to brass and copper, orange tones and rattan. And in recent years, my instinct has been to bring blue or turquoise into any space that's also boasting orange. 

So everything else I selected either works around my preferred colors (copper, orange and blue) or materials (metals, reclaimed wood and rattan/wicker). The result is some sort of throwback beach glamor perhaps? It's somehow both industrial and refined, definitely feminine and a little wicked. Or perhaps it's just that couch that's asking for mischief! I can picture all this in a living room with diaphanous curtains, a view of an ocean, a lot of ferns and gilt-edged mirrors. Midcentury Jungalow perhaps? 

Here are the items I used to create my mixed-chic space :: clockwise from top left:

7. Repurposed utility cart (would make a great bar I think!)

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