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Coming to you live, from the department of cocky refashionistas and people who own sewing machines but have no real training in how to use them well: an apparently basic alteration that failed. 

When I need clothes, I tend to shop thrift and consignment stores. That means I have to be patient with how things fit. Or almost fit. I usually get lucky with dresses - they're pretty forgiving. And I'm capable of basic alterations. I can take up hems, take in seams and lift shoulders. But the thing I tried to do on Sunday failed. And I'm sharing it with you because you don't often see the projects that go wrong. I should change that. I lot of my projects go very wrong before they go right and get published here. 

Here's the thing: this dress still had its tags on it. It had been purchased, never worn then relegated to consignment. It was $10 and, with a small nip n tuck, it would suit me. How could I resist? Note to self: if you really like the dress, pay someone for the nip and tuck. 

Above is where it needed to be reshaped. Below is the result of my machine and hand-stitched efforts. My mom would have done this in 10 mins and the hand stitching would be invisible. I am not my mom. And I will be calling on my friend Lisa (Poldapop Designs) for an intervention.  In other news: I have new glasses and I love them :)

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