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What do I even call these things? Paper-plate holders? Plate chargers? Wicker plates? Support for floppy paper discs we probably shouldn't be eating off of? Whatever they're called, they were a big part of my life growing up. Why? Because South Africans like to braai (grill out, barbeque). It's a warm place. We wear shorts on Christmas day and eat outdoors a lot. So, I have strong memories of these plate-holder things scratching my bare legs.

I haven't lived in SA in a long time so I'm not sure if they're still a staple there. I hope not - I'm obviously not a big supporter of disposable plates or, by proxy, things designed to support them! And if they have fallen out of favor (or fashion), then you can bet there are many of them gathering dust in cabinets and boxes all over the place. So here are some really fun ways to repurpose them. (highlighted text links you to the original tutorials!)

1. Go a little boho and use them under clear plastic (reusable plastic) plates.

2. Decorate like a South African. Not that this is a S'African blog by any means. But the overall look is very sub-saharan-thrifty if you know what I mean.

3. How cool are these "woven wicker plate" stools?

4. This lampshade idea IS from a South African blog. With one of my favorite names: My Pondokkie

5. I love how simple this idea is. I couldn't find the original source (link to the Pin) but it doesn't really require a tutorial.

6. This idea repurposes the wicker plate holder and old candle sticks. Cute huh?

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  1. Sharleen Engel2/10/22, 12:12 AM

    Love , love , love all the ideas with the wicker plate holders . So true about us South afris those holders. Now you find them everywhere at second hand stores here . Thanks for all the ideas

  2. Sharleen Engel2/10/22, 12:13 AM



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