Trimming my waste: Week 10 (reusable snack bags) | the ReFab Diaries

Goals - Week 10:
  • Reduce my reliance on single/limited-use plastic items
  • Slowly replace things with non-plastic alternatives
  • Stop bringing plastic into my home

Stretch goal: no single-use plastic in my life

Ten (!) weeks ago I launched this challenge with the acknowledgement that I could not afford to just replace every plastic item in my home with something non-plastic. What I am doing, however, is methodically researching (and slowly replacing) the single-use plastic items that I know I rely on.

For example, ziploc bags. They've been a staple in every kitchen I've used since I was a child. Just like plastic wrap, foil and paper towel - you just assume everyone has those things. Right? And the little plastic bags... they're the go-to for modern food preservation and taking snacks to go. Which makes them convenient and hard to give up. 

But enter Lunchskins and other reusable snack and sandwich bags. Like plastic containers, the only inconvenience they create is that they need to be washed out. Since I got mine, I haven't used a ziploc bag. I'm not even sure what to do with them!  

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