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New York-based visual artist and musician Rachael Sage has been creating mixed-media artwork, drawing and painting since grade school. Working primarily with acrylics, ink and - of course - glitter, Rachael deems her hometown NYC to be her greatest inspiration.

She's also a singer-songwriter and producer who runs her own record label, MPress Records. A soulful vocalist and innovative multi-instrumentalist, Rachael has shared stages with Sarah McLachlan, A Great Big World, Judy Collins, Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, Jamie Cullum, The Animals and Ani DiFranco.

And I get to feature a refashion she created just for you guys!! 

She's currently on tour, promoting her forthcoming album CHOREOGRAPHIC. This is the first single and it's... well, fab.

The album, which will be released on NYC’s MPress Records in May 2016, was co-produced by Sage and Grammy® winning producer Andy Zulla (Idina Menzel, Rod Stewart).

And now here's Rachael's fun, funky refashion in her own words:

One of the things I love most about being a performer is the opportunity to tour interesting new places and to connect with all different kinds of people. Sometimes, the first impression made on a stranger is the difference between them deciding to come to your show, asking you for a flyer or even buying your CD.

For many years I've been decorating my own clothing (as well as my instruments) and have found that dressing colorfully and uniquely is a fun way to engage with strangers and start conversations. And of course, I love making stuff and giving things my own spin, so it's very relaxing for me too!

When I start with a brand new – or in this case, very old – piece of plain clothing, I have absolutely no plan. I usually start drawing on it with Sharpies or fabric markers, because the basis for most of my "wearable art" is line-drawing.

Gradually, I start to fill in the drawings with one color of fabric paint at a time, usually adhering to a particular palette like blues and greens, or purples and pinks. I'm a pretty matchy-matchy person, plus it also helps me focus a design to use colors that compliment each other. 

Sometimes I just doodle or draw icons like stars, squiggles, hands and eyes. Occasionally I incorporate words, or even an album title, like "Choreographic"! 

Decorating my own clothing is something I do purely for fun but it also really helps me keep my wardrobe fresh and reflective of my current mood and music. 

When I pack for a tour like the one I'm on now, I love bringing a mix of sparkly, more formal stage-wear and casual, decorated jeans and that still reflect my artsy personality and easily convey my vibe. I meet a lot of other people along my tours who craft, knit, sew and paint and it's never a bad thing to wear your passion on your sleeve...or your pants!


Thanks so much Rachael for creating this fun tutorial and for letting us sneak a peek inside your suitcase! Keep up with Rachael Sage on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and pre-order her new album here.

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