Trimming my waste: Week 14 (non-plastic wrap) | the ReFab Diaries

Goals - Week 14:
  • Reduce my reliance on single/limited-use plastic items
  • Slowly replace things with non-plastic alternatives
  • Stop bringing plastic into my home - especially single-use crap!
Stretch goal: no single-use plastic in my life

Plastic wrap. An addiction far more severe than the one have to plastic bags. Because unlike plastic bags, I've always used the wrap to preserve cheese and half-used onions, peppers etc. I grew up in kitchens that were used for catering events. My parents had to preserve large quantities of partially prepared food in fridges and freezers. When containers didn't cut it, they relied on plastic wrap. Who doesn't?

I happened to receive Bees Wrap as part of a Mighty Fix subscription, otherwise I might not have tried it. I mean, I would have done it eventually. But I know I would have dragged my feet because of the aforementioned addiction. 

At first I was surprised by the strong bees-wax smell. It's not unpleasant, but I didn't love the thought of it infiltrating whatever food was wrapped in it. Guess what? It doesn't. 

The Bees Wrap I use to keep cut red pepper has definitely stained. But since I almost always have cut pepper in my fridge, I now have a committed wrap for peppers! They rinse easily in cold water and dry fast. Here's a great video that gives a little more insight into how versatile these things are: 

Then, because I'm participating in her #makelesstrash2016 challenge, I was a randomly selected winner of three abeego wraps from BeZeroWasteGirl. They are thicker than the the Bees Wraps and will probably last a little longer. But I'm already seeing the division of labor between the two brands. I tend to use the Bees Wrap to save cut produce like bell peppers (it works great!) and the Abeego wraps for sturdier things like cheese or to "cover" an open container. I also use both types to wrap up slices of bread (or a sandwich) to go. 

Here's the big "aha" for me: in the space of a couple of weeks, I've gone from being hugely dependent on plastic wrap to not missing it. I'm sure it would be harder to do without the plastic wrap if I was prepping large meals ahead of time for a family. But I'm not. So. What can I say? I'm a convert :)  

Do any of you use these products? Willing to share your thoughts below? 

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