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A second post from me in a week? Yes. Because sometimes I find a story right under my nose and I have to share it asap. Especially when it's about a flower company and Valentine's Day is around the corner. 

The cut flower business is bloomin' wasteful. 

A couple of years ago I reviewed The Bouqs and gave my candid opinion of cut flowers in general. I remain a supporter of The Bouqs' farm-to-customer model. 

But Flowers for Dreams appeals too. They're hyperlocal (and now in Milwaukee too), they hand curate daily, they deliver by hand and use only recyclable - or upcycled - wrapping. Oh, and they donate 1/4 of their profits to local charities. Here's the story:

Stems are hand curated daily at local markets to create fresh, unique bouquets. Everything is sourced, designed, and delivered by their team to ensure quality control.

Bouquets are designed differently, based on the theme selected and the stems of the day. Think farm-to-table restaurant... you have to order what's on the menu. This is what makes cut flowers a lot more ethical and minimizes waste. 

Bouquets come wrapped in recyclable cloth and vases range from reclaimed wood to vintage tins. No "carnation cupcakes" and they "hate balloons". Hooray!

They deliver free, by hand, often on foot or by bike. "We're allergic to suffocating boxes, massive trucks, and suspect water bags."  

Every purchase benefits a local charity. Each month, they feature one worthy cause and contribute 1/4 of all profits to it. They believe giving back is a core business function. In just two years, they've contributed over $190,000 to local charities. Here are their 2017 charities.

Read the full details of the impact these folks have had here.  The quote above was particularly striking - remember January 2016... when we welcomed refugees?

Impressed? Me too. So if you're in Chicago and you're going to buy flowers this Valentine's day, consider these guys. They're on Hubbard Street and their February charity is Alive Rescue.

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