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My lovely friend Tania Rodamilans is a creative force. Not only is she an accomplished jewelry designer, artist and photographer ... she's also the snappiest dresser I know. Just saying. Read more about here.

One of the things I love most about Tania's work is the way she incorporates found materials. Apparently she's good at crafting with them too. For the upcoming Stylemax show at the Chicago Merchandise Mart, she made these "new" jewelry displays out of fallen branches. And because she rocks, she's got the goods on how to make them yourself.


  • branches, twigs or driftwood
  • acrylic paint and brushes
  • painters tape to make straight lines
  • S hooks, twine and sand paper. 
  • nice-to-have: a husband/helper who enjoys removing bark with a very cool Join or Die knife

Step 1: Wash the branches, then have some fun with a knife! Remove the bark until they look, well, beautiful.

Step 2: Sand them lightly.

Step 3: Apply the painters tape then add colorful stripes.

Once the paint is dry dry, screw in the S-hooks and tie on the twine.

And now you have a designer jewelry display, care of mother nature and a little elbow grease.

If you're in Chicago this coming weekend, find Tania at Stylemax! And if you just want to own some of her jewelry, visit her Etsy store.

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