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My friend Lynzie is an 8th grade English teacher, a yoga instructor and one of my favorite upcyclers. A few years ago, I shared her dresser makeover. And if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen her little crate-on-wheels bookshelf.

Last week, Lynzie shared a couple of pics of mismatched vessels she's turned into planters. I asked for the story:  

"There's not much of a story! My boyfriend and I have just been having a blast going to Minneapolis antique stores and estate sales and digging through their junk to see what we can make new again."

Instagram caption: Holding a clear head while surrounded by junk and clutter. And that's not even a metaphor. Or is it? (at Hunt & Gather)

"The blue ball jars are from the 1920s (one of which I got for free at an estate sale along with the little baby green planter because they were going to the dumpster anyway--I promised to give them a good home). The tea pots, I think, are from the 1930s. Can't quite figure out exactly when they're from, but they're adorable, so who cares :-). When we look for plants to go in them, we look for good contrast and plants that don't seem to quite "match" the vessel."

When Lynzie moved to Minneapolis last year, she wanted "a small, comfortable place to build a yoga community that felt like home." So she and fellow instructor Rachel Phipps opened HomeBody Yoga in November 2016. "We teach vinyasa and restorative classes and hold a special all-women brunch yoga class once a month to create a special place for our female-identifying community. We're just getting going, but it's a fun and cool space!"

A full-time English teacher and a yoga instructor - how do you balance it all? 

"I need yoga and the community around it in order to stay sane, so it IS my balance. I teach but also practice at a studio right up the street so that I have teachers, too."

If you live in Minneapolis, lucky you! HomeBody Yoga offers more than just group yoga classes. 

"One of our goals and driving passions is to help you find your home with your yoga practice, whether that's confidence, strength, balance, a clear mind or (hopefully) a combination of all of these things. Sometimes that means creating a more comfortable environment for your self. So, if you can answer yes to any or all of the following, we'd love to hear from you to schedule a private yoga lessons."

1. You have only practiced in the comfort of your living room and want to find your footing before entering a public space.
2. You've noticed there are so many people in class the instructor doesn't have time to give everyone tips, tricks, and adjustments.
3. You prefer one on one attention and learn better in a workshop/collaborative environment.
4. You've never done yoga before and you just don't know where to begin.

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