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I used to have a lot of fun on this blog offering up new ways to use the weird things we have lying around. I haven't done that in a while so here's one for you! Electrical tape. Like painters tape and packing tape, it's possible you have it lying around.  


Did you know that it isn’t just for fixing the wires behind your desk? Turns out, it has tons of uses so, head to the basement, grab those rolls and let’s figure out some of the unique craft uses for electrical tape!

What You Should Know

Before we delve into the fun crafts, let’s first understand electrical tape a little more. It’s not super thin and light like washi tape, especially depending on the material. One of the most important things to understand about electrical tape is that it comes in different styles. Most commonly, you’ll see vinyl electrical tape—that’s what we’ll use today. Steer clear of the others as they may not stick the way you’d like.

What’s interesting (not necessary for our crafting projects, but a fun fact!), is that the different colors have specific uses in the manufacturing world. So, while we create artful masterpieces, manufacturers could see different elements entirely. Now, let’s get into it.

Electrical Tape Lampshade

One of the simplest craft ideas on this list: all you need is an old lampshade you want to bring back to life, and some electrical tape in the color of your choice!

You can either go simple with vertical stripes down the sides of the lampshade, or you can try your hand at cutting out various shapes and sticking them on that way. It can give a stained, thrift-store lampshade a completely new life. Try out your own designs to fit the theme of the room, and voila—upcycled!



DIY Wall Art

Here’s a way you can get really creative. Use electrical tape to hang a tapestry on the wall and create a DIY “frame.” Or, you can add some geometric prints to a boring wall. Whatever direction you choose, all you need is a clean wall and some electrical tape—this is a great time to experiment with those different colors!



Storage Box Decorations

We all know it—storage boxes aren’t the most exciting thing out there. Often clear, gray, or some other neutral, they may not be the stand-out item you want them to be. With tape and little imagination, you can change that. 

Similar to the lampshade, all you need to do is use the electrical tape in whatever design you want.

Costume Fixes

It may not be Halloween, but this is a trick you’ll want in your back pocket. Electrical tape may not be the go-to for the princess costume, but it does the quick fix for a lot of costume issues. If you don’t have time to sew, go for the electrical tape.

It’s also a good one for any costume accessories. If you need to make a lightsaber, this will help you out! Don’t underestimate the power of upcycling the little things in your home.



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