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Whether you just bought a used couch from a thrift store or you have an old one that you don’t want to get rid of, slipcovers are an excellent option for making an old couch look like new. However, not all slipcovers look great the second you put them on - sometimes you have to work them a bit. That’s why I’ve put together a short guide on how to make slipcovers more presentable.

How To Make Slipcovers Look More Presentable

If possible, avoid buying a one-piece slipcover

It is possible (if you work really hard and use several safety pins) to make a one-piece slipcover look ok. But you're more than likely going to end up with a couch or chair that looks like a giant beanbag. Since the goal is to make your worn-out furniture look better, this is not the ideal way to go, so avoid a one-piece if you can. 

Get a set that fits tightly

Once you’ve moved past the cheap one-piece slipcovers, you’ll notice that there are two main types you’ll have to choose from: loose-fit and tight-fit. I personally think that tight-fit is the better option since they keep the shape of your couch the same and have a cleaner look to them, but both are viable options. It really comes down to preference, but you’ll need to do a bit more work with loose-fit ones in order to make the covers presentable.

Make sure they don’t move around

If you decided on the loose-fit style of slipcovers, then you’ll need to be sure to take the actions necessary to prevent them from sliding around. Nothing is more annoying than having the cover of a couch move around every time you reposition. Plus, it leaves the sofa looking like a mess afterward.

That’s why you need to find ways to pin it down. This problem isn’t exclusive to loose-fit covers, though, so be sure to follow the same steps if your tight-fit cover is moving around too much as well.

Add to the style of them

Now it’s time for the fun part. Adding your own spin for the style is what turns a boring, old piece of furniture into a bright, new one. If possible, you should buy different colors for the base and cushions of your chair or couch. This will make it pop more. If you can’t find the colors you’re looking for, there are ways to dye the fabric of the slipcovers yourself to make them whichever shade you think fits best.

Once you decide on colors, you can add your own stitching and designs to make your slipcover stand out and compliment the rest of your room. You will no longer have to worry about your old furniture being an eyesore. Slipcovers increase how presentable your room will be to family and friends.



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