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There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming something old, outdated, or just plain ugly into something new, functional, and beautiful. While the process can be unappealing, the end result is always worth it—especially when it’s your home! Here are my tips on ways to make an old home look brand new on a budget.

6 Ways To Make an Old Home Look Brand New on a Budget

Clean, rearrange, and de-clutter

Sometimes, all your home needs is a good cleaning. When something feels dingy or drab, the first thing I like to do is clean it up. Whether you’re preparing to move into the house you just bought or sick and tired of a dated space, start with a dust rag! Dust, wipe counters, and clean windows. Then, once you've moved dust etc onto the floor, run the vacuum, or wash and polish the floors. Then, as you start putting everything back in its place, take the opportunity to rearrange things and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, in design or in function.



The easiest way to hide imperfections and make a room seem bigger is to paint everything a crisp coat of white. Not only is white classic and refreshing, but it also creates a sense of cohesion when painted on everything—walls, trims, and ceiling alike. I’ll even paint the door white for a quick upgrade (if the door is dated).

Now don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying you can’t paint with color. Sometimes a pop of color is just what a room needs to feel like new again. 


Remove wallpaper

A lot of older homes have wallpaper everywhere, and wallpaper isn’t always pretty. I’m always astounded at how much better a room looks when you strip the wallpaper and give the room a fresh coat of paint! Without wallpaper, rooms can look much cleaner and more spacious. 

Ditch the carpeting

Old carpet isn’t just ugly—it can be gross! Depending on how much room you have in your small budget, I recommend having the carpets professionally cleaned or removing them altogether—especially if you have hardwood floors underneath. If you find old, ugly boards, consider getting them sanded and then paint them white. 

Replace the lighting

Another great way to make an old home look brand new on a budget is to upgrade your light fixtures. I love to swap out old, dated, or no-longer-functioning fixtures with something new and modern (especially if I can find it used or salvaged). Just be sure to choose the right fixture for your space, whether it’s a wall sconce or a chandelier. Chandeliers tend to be especially tricky, but thankfully, there are steps you can take to pick the right chandelier for your space.


Update your hardware

From outlet covers to drawer pulls, updating the hardware in your home can make a world of difference! Not only is it an easy way to bring a room into the 21st century, but it’s affordable, too. 




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