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Does it feel like you always have tons of cardboard boxes hanging around, waiting to go out to the recycling? If you’re tripping over empty delivery boxes all the time, think about turning  them into something new and interesting rather than just recycling them.



Here are some great ways to reuse those empty cardboard boxes, care of Christina Lee.


1. Make a bird feeder

You may have heard of making a pine cone feeder, and this is a slightly different take on the same
concept. It helps you recycle, and it’s so easy to do. Just roll an empty cardboard tube or box in
peanut butter, and then roll that in birdseed. Hang it from some string or ribbon, and then hang it
from a tree near your window. You’ll soon see all kinds of birds coming to try it out.



2. Make holiday decorations

Not sure anyone's ever dreamed of a Cardboard Christmas, but if you have kids and lots of empty boxes around, then hop over to this post for ideas on how to turn those boxes into festive decor.

3. Create a rope-wrapped storage box

Who couldn’t use some more storage? This is an easy project, and once it’s done you’ll have a very
stylish storage box. To do this, you’ll need to get some jute twine and start wrapping it around the
box, hot gluing it into place as you go. Once you reach the top, create liners from a fabric of your
choice, folding the edges over the tops. You have an on-brand storage box for almost no money at

4. Make a fun cat bed

You love your cat, and you want them to have the very best. If you buy them a luxury cat bed
though, are they going to use it? No, they’re going to use that cardboard box instead. Rather than
wasting money on beds they won’t use, put that cardboard box to work instead. Cut the front out
for easy access, add a fluffy blanket inside, and then decorate it however you like. Your cat will be
sure to appreciate it.



5. Make a fun doll's bed

This is a simple enough project that even your youngest kids can help. When you hop to the post you'll see a link to the template - that's what makes this doable!



6. Create blackboard signs

Here’s another super simple but super-useful way to use those cardboard boxes. They can be used
to create blackboard signs that can be used anywhere around the home, such as in the kids’
bedrooms or in your kitchen. To make these, simply cut up the cardboard to fit into a dollar store
frame. Then, paint it with blackboard paint. That creates a surface that you can write on and wipe
off as needed.

7. Make a play kitchen

A play kitchen is a staple of so many playrooms, but they’re very expensive. You don’t want to
spend all that money on something that your kids will grow out of quickly, so why not make one
out of cardboard boxes? If you have several large ones laying around, then it’s very easy to do.
Paint on all the details and use aluminum foil to stand in for chrome, and your kids will love it. Google DIY play kitchens for hundreds of tutorials

8. Make a cardboard maze

On the subject of play and large cardboard boxes, here’s something that your kids (and cats!) will love. If
you’ve had a delivery of a large appliance, you’ll have a plethora of cardboard to play with. Tape
the boxes together and create doorways between them, in order to create a cardboard maze. It’s the
perfect rainy (or snowy) day activity, and your kids will have a whale of a time exploring it.

9. Construct a washi tape dispenser

Here’s a project for all the bullet journalers out there. Washi tape is a great way to add color to a
page without having lots of artistic talent, but it’s a pain to have to dig in a box to find the one you
want. Instead, you can make a tape dispenser with a cardboard box and some dowel rods. Just
paint the box your desired color, and then poke holes on either side for the rods to sit in. Then,
you can slip the tapes onto the rods, making it easy to cut tape off as and when you need it.


These are just a few different ways that you can put a cardboard box to good use. Rather than just
throwing it in the recycling, why not try one of these fun ideas? They allow you to put those boxes
from your latest delivery to good use.

Christina Lee is a project manager, and a blog writer at assignment writer service. 



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