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Your bedroom is where you choose to spend your resting and decompression time. It’s where you explore your personality and preferences the most. When you were younger, it was also where you and your friends grew closer while sharing stories and secrets.


Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom Space

As you grow and mature, so do your tastes and interests, so you decide to redecorate your room. How do you do that without putting a hole in your pocket or creating a lot of waste? Here are a few affordable, conscientous ways to refresh your bedroom space.

Less is more

Your bedroom decorations are an extension of your tastes, reflecting how you live in comfortable and private spaces. You’re your most relaxed and open in your bedroom, so its decorations should enhance that comfort as much as possible.

You can accomplish this by trying the “less is more” approach using minimalist principles. By moving your furniture around and donating unnecessarily bulky items, you create a space where everything flows and has a purpose. That way, you keep only what belongings are necessary for your everyday life and give everything else to those in need.



Pop of color

Color is a big part of creating a specific mood in a room. Stark white walls can feel sterile and uninspired, so why not add a pop of color? One of the most affordable ways to refresh your bedroom space is by adding an accent wall (or door) or decor that pops throughout the room.

If you decide to paint, one of the most cost-effective options is to visit your local home improvement shops and bring home a can of “oops” paint. These consist of paints in colors that manufacturers or consumers rejected because they weren’t exactly what they wanted. If you’re not up for painting, visit your local thrift shop for unique, colorful trinkets to place throughout your bedroom.


Add textures, patterns, and plants

A fun way to refresh your bedroom space is by incorporating a variety of textures and patterns. You can find thrift store blankets, pillows, throws, and decor to create a sense of personality and flair. Just be sure to wash these items as soon as you bring them home.



And don't forget plants! They can literally breathe new life into a space, not to mention the difference they make in the middle of a grey winter. Before you go shopping for them, nudge your plant-loving friends for cuttings. Lots of houseplants are easy to propagate and it's lovely to be able to look at a happy plant and know that it came from a friend. 

Reinventing your bedroom shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It should remain straightforward and stress-free, not to mention inspiring and motivating! So enjoy the process and get creative.



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