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The most sustainable way to shop for clothes is to buy gently used. But... getting the most out of a trip to the thrift store takes a special formula with a few key ingredients. Here are four ways to prepare for thrift shopping success.

4 Ways To Prepare for Thrift Shopping Success

Schedule a time to shop

Thrift and consignment stores can get crowded, especially on the weekends. So it’s crucial to find the best time to go thrift shopping in order to avoid the crowds and ensure you get the most out of a trip. Make sure you're aware of the business hours of the stores you're interested in... weekday mornings and afternoons are ideal, as stores tend to be less crowded at these times.

Be aware of discounts and sales

Many stores offer discounts and sales on specific days. I often find information about sales on store websites or in store newsletters. Thrift stores will also generally offer discounts to shoppers who bring in clothes to donate. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck, schedule your visits to the store around when its best sales and discounts will occur. And clean out your closet before you go, so that you have a few pieces to donate.

Have a budget in place

Another strategic piece of advice I use to set myself up for thrift shopping success is having a budget in place. Before I go to the store, I decide on a set amount of money I’m willing to spend. I make sure that the budget I set for myself is realistic and that it allows me to purchase the things I’m looking for without spending too much. Remember that thrift stores typically have much lower prices on their items, so you don’t necessarily need a high budget.

Keep a goal in mind

Shopping without a goal in mind can be dangerous. I’ll end up either buying things I don’t need or spending too much time in a store and leaving with nothing. Therefore, keeping a goal in mind for the items I’m looking for helps me stay on track as I shop. Before I leave the house, I make a quick list of the things I hope to find. This process also helps me stay within my budget.

Now that I’ve gone over my four ways to prepare for thrift shopping success, you can start planning your own trip to the thrift store. Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you’ll make the most of your shopping experience. So get out there and get to thrifting!



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