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Do you ever spend hours marathoning HGTV and then want to change everything about your home? I can tell you, you’re not alone! But instead of spending money on home renovations, opt for these home remodeling projects you can DIY to save money (and reduce waste) instead.

4 Home Remodeling Projects You Can DIY To Save Money

Paint bathroom tiles

Unless you like checkerboard patterns, bathroom tiles aren’t usually the avenue to get creative with color. However, a new bathroom décor trend is painting tiles with different colors and patterns, which I love because it freshens up the bathroom to make it look brand new and offers a new canvas for creativity!

I like a simple, light-gray bathroom floor, but there’s no limit to what you can do. You can DIY this project on the weekend because all it takes is sanding, cleaning, applying a primer, and painting.

Update cabinets

Cabinetry is the focal point of a kitchen, and after years of staring at the same cabinets, you can feel itchy to update them—I know I do! Instead of undergoing a massive remodeling project, give your dated cabinets a makeover! There’s no need to tear out your old cabinets and replace them when there’s a perfectly good canvas available.

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to revamp your kitchen. You can even remove the doors altogether! I’m a fan of open shelving, and if you are too, you can easily take off the doors yourself.

Concrete countertops

One of the hottest trends in kitchen décor is concrete countertops, and I can’t get enough of them! Concrete countertops are another unique DIY you can tackle over a weekend.

The most crucial step is the frame—the mold into which you’ll pour the concrete. Ensure the frame is measured precisely, sealed correctly, and reinforced well to get a sturdy new countertop! Start small before undertaking the kitchen countertop if it’s your first time attempting this project.

Sliding barn doors

If you’ve watched HGTV as much as I have, you’ve definitely seen those gorgeous sliding barn doors in updated farmhouses. These doors look great and add so much character to a home. If you’ve always wanted to add sliding barn doors to your home, all it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of determination.

Sliding barn doors are simple to build—the first hurdle is finding a reclaimed piece of barn wood to upcycle! Once you’ve got a hunk of wood, just sand, stain, and paint! After that, you’ll need tracks to hang in a doorway, and you’re done!

If you’re like me, you’re always coming up with home DIY ideas to keep things fresh. Renovations are expensive, so try these home remodeling projects you can DIY to save money and reduce waste instead!




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