The Best Ways To Rejuvenate Your Tired Kitchen | the ReFab Diaries

Does your kitchen look like a blast from the past? These are the best ways to rejuvenate your tired kitchen and give the most-used room in your house the makeover it deserves. 


Paint your cabinets

Do it yourself or hire cabinet painters because painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to get your kitchen out of a decorative slump. Select the perfect color for your cabinets and get painting. I’d go for a modern white, an elegant black, or even a pop of color like green to get your kitchen looking fresh and new. Upcycling by painting your cabinets is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen.

Change your handles

Change out the handles on your cabinets for something more modern (or something interesting from a salvage warehouse) to instantly update all your drawers and cabinets. Selecting the right handle can make a massive difference in the appearance of your cabinets and your kitchen. I’d choose handles that make sense with your cabinet color and fit the theme of your space.

Update your backsplash

Update your backsplash with with fresh tiles, either new or check out what you can find at a local salvage warehouse. A backsplash can help prevent staining on your kitchen walls and helps make cleaning easier. You’ll also see a significant added value in your space when it comes time to sell. Find some environmentally friendly recycled tile to add a contemporary twist to your kitchen with a new backsplash today.

Choose modern lighting

Changing out your lighting fixture is one of the best ways to literally shine a new light on a tired kitchen. Choose elegant and modern fixtures to replace the dated ones you’re still using. Add lighting under your top cabinets to properly illuminate your countertops while working on your next culinary masterpiece. Updating your kitchen lighting is a great way to bring your kitchen out of the last century.

Plant something new

If you’re looking to add an unexpected pop of color to your space, plants can be great! Adding plants to your kitchen brings color, a sense of freshness and they're great for air quality in your home. Even the tiniest kitchen can handle a plant; think about adding a bracket to the side of a cabinet or hanging one from the ceiling. 

Don’t neglect your walls

Kitchens are a common area where people neglect their wall space. Contemporize your kitchen walls with features like thrifted art, recycled shelving, or hooks for pots and pans. Maximize your usable space, especially if your cabinets are overflowing with gadgets and dishes.




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