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Is solar energy worth the high upfront cost?
What impact does solar power even have on the environment?
Believe it or not, solar-powered homes have been around since 1973! However, the craze didn't catch fire until the last 20 years. Are you curious about the financial and environmental benefits of solar power? Discover why we should use solar energy.


The eco-friendly choice

Fossil fuels have been used for decades to power everything from stoves to cars. The same oil is also found in everyday plastic items, like shampoo bottles and food trays. While fossil fuel has been instrumental for industry (and culture), it's also tied to environmental impacts.

Concerns include:

  • A rise in greenhouse gases
  • Health risks
  • Fluctuating gas prices
  • Air pollution
  • Water contamination
  • Soil-fertility issues

Understandably, eco-friendly homeowners want to decrease as much fossil fuel dependance as possible. This change starts at home with electric cars, appliances, sustainable gardens, and renewable energies.

Solar panels are a natural solution for these types of homeowners.

Save serious money on your bills

Protecting the planet is great—saving money is icing on the cake.

Amounts vary, but homeowners can save roughly $1,500 (annually) on energy after switching to solar power. Multiply these savings by 20 years; you have enough leftover for more vacations, necessities, and home upgrades.

The one financial downside is the high upfront cost. While panels may cost as low as $3,500, the average is $15,000 or more. Some installations cost over $3,000.

Luckily, many cities now offer solar panel subsidies. Cities are incentivized to encourage solar-energy use among residents. Therefore, always check your city's official website before booking an installation.

Solar panel care

Solar panels can last up to 25 years. And you can always call a residential solar company to repair a broken solar cell or two. This point also speaks to the importance of proper solar panel care.

Where you install your panels matters. Trees and extreme weather can damage cells. You also have to consider the position of the sun.

Some homeowners cover their sheds or ADU homes with panels instead of the main residence. This option hides your solar panels a bit better since they can stand out.

Instead of panels, you can always install solar shingles. These shingles also come in classic roofing colors like slate, off-white, charcoal, and hardwood.

Why we should use solar energy in schools

Solar power is instrumental to education, as well. Solar energy helps school districts save money on electricity, freeing up funds for more educational programs.

The presence of solar panels inspires kids to learn more about energy production, encouraging more interest in math and science. Students enjoy a real-life example as they build their own solar-powered contraptions for science fairs.

These types of installations are bigger jobs than residential projects. You would need to contact the city directly or talk to a solar provider that works with schools.

Discover the benefits of solar energy

Now you have a better understanding of why we should use solar energy. How do you think solar power would most benefit your life and career? Remember these solar energy tips as you make a plan.

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