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I know firsthand how difficult it can be to move. You have to take inventory of everything you own, try to figure out how you can get everything together, and do it as cheaply and sustainably as possible. It’s a complicated process, but thankfully, there are ways to stay environmentally conscious during your move.

How To Stay Environmentally Conscious When Moving

Pack with reusable materials

Packing can be annoying. Traditionally, you do it with lots of boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and tape—single-use items that aren’t great for the environment. However, an alternative that I much prefer is storage bins. You probably own more of them than you think - you can also rent them. Then, try to avoid bubble wrap etc by wrapping fragile items in socks, blankets, newspapers, etc. Doing this helps the environment and, if you invest in a few containers, you'll have a new way to keep things organized in your new place!

Donate and sell

When moving, the first thing that I always do is go through all my items and take inventory of what I need and what I don’t. Doing this helps me decrease the number of things I need to move and load into boxes, and I can do some good along the way. For example, unwanted food items or clothes can easily go to a better place. Similarly, I may have multiple pairs of shoes when I need only one pair of comfortable boots that can last through all kinds of wear. I try to purchase things that I know will last, but there are still some items that make it through that other people would make much better use of.

Plan your travels

Another significant aspect of moving that weighs heavily on the environment is travel. If you’re moving locally, you will probably have to go back and forth. Moving across states requires bigger vehicles which chew gas. These trips and gas add up, so plan everything out early, rent the right size vehicle to reduce the need for multiple trips, and find the best route. Doing this can lower your gas usage and save you both time and money in the process. Also, try to end up with as little to move as possible.

These are just a few ideas for how to be a little more environmentally conscious when moving. It may seem like a lot at first, but it’s all about making a few different decisions here and there. They add up, and they will help your move become greener.



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